Treble Violin


Years ago when I was leafing through an encyclopedia of musical instruments (Yes, I know that's a strange way to spend one's free time), I ran across a paragraph on the "treble violin." Now, the author may have been playing a joke, but supposedly, there was an instrument in the 18th century similar to a violin - but tuned about a 4th higher. These treble violins reportedly played the high parts in orchestral scores until so many show-off violinists became good enough to render the treble violinists unnecessary. (I've always been peeved at how high many composers expect the violin to play - there ARE three strings on there besides the high E, y'all know...)

So, anyway, I built one. It's just like any other electric violin, except it's smaller and it has a really high-pitched tonality. I put nylon strings on in an attempt to mute the sound a bit. Didn't work 100 per cent... but, it makes a neat conversation piece at least.