Scarecrow Violin

This was my first attempt at changing from my wacky tuning systems to a more standard approach - lathing pegs, etc. I tried making pegs with extra-large diameters (which didn't accomplish anything except making them annoyingly-hard to turn). I also put the pegs in the wrong order, so the left hand's little finger occasionally runs into the E-string peg (also annoying).

This violin has an interesting neck-through-body construction (similar to what some electric guitars do to increase sustain). I thought it might make the violin a little more resonant. (It didn't seem to do anything, though.)

So, all-in-all, an only somewhat-successful attempt. But, it does have some interesting woodburned designs, including lots of imagery from the Sign of Saturn era - a scarecrow, wheat, etc. It also has a neat carved rosewood "wheat head" tailpiece and a cool knurled hickory fingerboard and chinrest.