You've clicked this link because you hoped to order a CD, and it's out of stock. In fact, several CDs are out of stock at this time. You might wonder why I've allowed this to occur. Well, it's all about priorities. While I feel that every album I've made deserves to be in print, and I want everyone to hear them all, it's expensive to keep them all in stock. My CD business operates on a break-even premise. That is, I don't actually make any money at this, rather I simply try not to lose money while doing something I love. Once the initial sales have passed for any given album, it's hard to justify another printing because the new run will take a very long time to sell in significant numbers. So for every re-print, I incur a lengthy financial loss before I eventually make the money back months or years later.

Right now (2015), I am working on the best album of RESISTOR's career, and we're going to present it in a massive and awesome package. (Think "Imperial Hotel"-quality packaging.) We want to make a big splash with that album, and give our customers the best possible experience - amazing sound and an extensive artwork package beyond anything we've produced. Something so cool it justifies the physical medium in a time of digital downloads (as I think "Imperial Hotel" did). In order to afford making RESISTOR's next album something truly special, I must save our funds rather than spend them on re-prints. Who knows, maybe RESISTOR's next album will make such a big impression that it'll drive sales to the point where we bring the other albums immediately back into stock... hope springs eternal!