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Links to Related or Favorite Sites
(Last updated Oct 2005)

Through a Glass Film Production Company. Lots of neat stuff to download, including a couple of music videos set to my music, and lots of incidental Steve Unruh music popping up everywhere. These are the (incredibly talented and motivated) guys making the full-length feature film "Air," for which I'm writing the music.

Dutch Progressive Rock Pages. Possibly the definitive source for new progressive music reviews. They don't pull punches on their reviews, but they're also quite fair, I think. And hey, my CDs got good reviews on their site.

ProgressiveWorld. Very well maintained progressive rock CD review & info website, on which I've gotten some great reviews!

ProGGnosis. Lots of progressive rock reviews and info. Includes a neat database of artist discography pages.

Google Earth. Amazing 3-D Earth map compiled from satellite images and topographic data. It's free, but it only works on PC computers.

Amazing progressive rock band with a very well maintained website.

The Flower Kings. Amazing band. Get "Unflold the Future." If you don't like it, put it away for a month and try again. Repeat as needed... it takes some getting into, but it's extremely brilliant.

Main site for the band Yes. Well-maintained web page with a staggering number of pages. Yes' 1973 album 'Close to the Edge' is my favorite album of all time.

AudioMIDI.com Want to set up a home computer recording studio? These guys seem to be the best place to buy specialized parts and get support for them that I've found.

The Christian Science Monitor An even better source of news than the New York Times (also a good news source). Short, accurate, to-the-point articles with great lines like, "Today, Iraq has more political parties than fax machines."

Cakewalk.com The software I use to record my CDs (Sonar IV Producer Edition). I like it a very much.

A great site. This link will take you to the 'poetry in motion' contest, which is really fun.