Song to the Sky

Lyrics from the album buy it! 3-minute "audio trailer"(mp3)

Credits: Steve Unruh - Acoustic guitars, violin, drumkit, flute, electric bass, vocals, tabla, congas, kalimba.
Composed & recorded by Steve. Released 2005.

Style: Acoustic progressive folk/rock. Sort of a cross between 'The Beginning of a New Day' and 'Invisible Symphony,' but with a fresh arrangement style, and lyric content reflecting where I am, philosophically, today. Instantly one of my favorite albums that I've made.
What the critics have said about "Song to the Sky:"

"Steve Unruh is one talented guy! This is an amazing album from start to finish... The music is so good that you love it from the start and the more you listen to it, the better it gets. Unruh gets one of my rare 5 star ratings." A-J Charron, GuitarNoise.com

"Song To The Sky is a warm and intimate album, full of great textures, great musicianship, and a depth of feeling that comes through every note. Highly recommended. Rating: 5/5" Stephanie Sollow, ProgressiveWorld.net

"Steve Unruh is brilliant with everything he touches and there is a band feeling to the music... Song to the Sky is an excellent album." ProGGnosis.com

"The musical vision of Mr Unruh is amply displayed in his arrangements throughout the album. His excellent acoustic guitar and violin blending harmoniously throughout... his music effortlessly combines progressive rock, folk and a multitude of other influences into one glorious mixture." Mark Hughes, DPRP.net (Dutch Progressive Rock Pages)