The Jazz Mutants:
Kirk Scott      
guitars (Vega, Stratocaster) Joe Regier    
  guitar (Telecaster) Steve Unruh  
    drum kit, violin, mandolin Kyle King
      electric bass (Precision)

Free album download! Presented in hi-fi 256 kbps mp3 format, there are two easy ways to get the album:

Right-click download here for the Entire Album (with art) bundled as a single Zip file. Or, as individual mp3 files below...

1. Cop Show Samba
2. Tiny Bear's Waltz
3. Violin Sorbet
4. Almond's Ale
5. CountrySlide
6. Spiral Seven
7. Smooth Joe's
8. La Matanza
9. June Bug

Jazz Mutants Front Cover.pdf
Jazz Mutants Tray Card.pdf

The Jazz Mutants were a side project band I assembled in 2002, consisting of Kirk Scott, Joe Regier, Kyle King, and myself (Steve Unruh). We all brought tunes and ideas, and threw things together remarkably quickly (basically, 1 weekend plus a couple of overdubs later). Due to the nature of the band's influences and the way this album was recorded, the Jazz Mutants album has a very "jam band" feel to it. This album is quite different from my other material (and quite different from Kirk and Joe's other material, come to think of it), but a pretty worthy listen, I think!

The original mixes were never quite as good as we wanted them to be, but thanks to modern mixing software, I was able to clean them up significantly in 2007. (This was actually quite a tedious process... ugh... but the end result is hopefully worth it!) We, the band, have decided to give the album a permanent home for free download here at SteveUnruh.com.

All material 2002-2007 Kirk Scott, Joe Regier, Steve Unruh, and Kyle King. All rights reserved. Produced and engineered by Steve Unruh.

Simple Instructions: Download all tracks. (Windows users - right-click, save target as (or "save link as")...) Burn them in numbered order to a music CDR, using the "disc-at-once" option (to avoid those annoying gaps between songs). Download the artwork pdf files. Follow the printer instructions here. (Older versions of Acrobat have the same options, but look a little different.) Cut out, assemble, and voila... free CD.