Invisible symphony

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"Rating 5/5... Excellent playing, engaging melodies and arrangements, warm productionů what more could you ask forů except for more? Beautiful." (ProgressiveWorld.net)

Credits: Steve Unruh - Steel-string, nylon-string, and electric guitars, violin, mandolin, electric bass, flute, drumkit, keyboard, hand percussion (doumbek, framedrum, congas, tambourine, wind chimes, finger cymbals). All pieces composed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Steve.
Invisible Symphony, my first instrumental solo CD, was released in Winter, 2002. Its was only available sporadically, in hand-made batches. The CD never got the proper treatment with a professionally-packaged CD with full-color artwork... until now! Painstakingly remixed and remastered in 2009, with 4 additional tracks, Invisible Symphony is finally available in grand style. It's aging very well with me, and is one of my favorites.
1. Spinning
2. InstruMental Breakdown
3. Waiting
4. Flute and Percussion Improv
5. Great Scott!
6. 12:00 and All's Well
7. Tragic Scene from Some Movie
8. Lotus' Land II
9. Squirel
10. The Water's Edge

Additional tracks 2009:

11. May Bee
12. Grateful
13. Theme from Air (demo)
14. Flute and Framedrum improv (live)