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Part I
In the Beginning
Lifeline's Song
Leaving Spain
The Clouds from Yesterday
The Empty Page
No Quaint Conclusion
Part II
The Rising Sun
Images of Dreams
Overshadow Me
Part I

In the Beginning - 4:06

In the beginning
There was the Word
Peace never-ending
And word was good
But saints started sinning
And then came the flood
With tongues forked and bending
And word was gone

And weíve no scapegoats left to blame in our idle history
Tales of hatred, fear, and shame steal my past from me

So tell me the stories
Of fair days past
Speak of the old reprieve
Tell me of hope
And freedom at last
Speak so I might Believe
So when I tell the old, old story
To the young ones stepping on
I may tell of hope and glory
And not the chaos

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Lifeline's Song - 3:44

One lifetime, one lifetime long
One lifeline... one lifelineís song
So why do I have to be drowned in confusion
The peace has forsaken me in these days of late
Why do I have to be so much alone, and then
Why has it taken me so long in waiting, all
For the scales weigh the choice I never had

You were the hope defined by my vision
You were the freedom, a sought-after claim
Young hopeful heart, yet needing an author

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S.O.S. - 3:50

S.O.S., itís adolescence calling
Telling you the time is right for change
Hopefulness, to gain some definition
And your life is more than solitary
And your time is more than spent alone
In our eyes the leaves are turning over

S.O.S., the future now is calling
Telling you the plans you must arrange
Hopefulness, itís time to take some action
And our lives are more than solitary
And our time is more than spent alone
In our eyes, the darkness almost over

S.O.S., reality is calling
Telling you youíll turn an empty page
in yourself.  Your future days are numbered
And our lives return to solitary
And our time is mostly spent alone
In our eyes is Autumnís newfound sober

You were the hope defined by my vision
I was the one then needing a name
Young hopeful hearts in desperate knowledge

Parting of ways to places returning
Thousands of miles caught souls by surprise
Find yourself and wave a sad goodbye

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Leaving SpainĖ 7:44


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The Clouds from Yesterday - 2:25

This is not easy for me, this is not easy for anyone here
This is not simple anymore for me to hear myself say
Today would work itself out
But that point of reference was five long years ago
And we just couldnít see the clouds from yesterday

So I spend my time with the idle swaying branches and the falling leaves
And the pale gray sky doesnít even cast a shadow as it covers me
I philosophize, try to pass the time away and
ďDry your eyesĒ are the only words Iím called to say
The lonely cry of a hawk becomes my song and flies away

Now my life returns to solitary
And my time is mostly spent alone
Return to home as Autumnís almost over

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Consolation - 4:07

So here we are again in the same situation
As the company provides some consolation
As we falter on our paths and we fall from our ideals
But the voices soften hearts across the miles

The questions are defined but the answers arenít apparent
And I hardly understand the situation
But the ends are reached through means so that it all becomes indifferent
Just as long as time is passing all the while

And I will wait

for the time to find the truth, and to set a course of action
And to put to rest the ever-pounding questions
And to seek some inner calm, and to find a hint of justice
And to find myself alive and well in you

I will wait...

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The Empty Page - 2:03

You were the hope defined by my vision
You were the freedom, a sought-after claim
Young, hopeful heart in desperate knowledge
Parting of ways to places returning
Thousands of miles caught souls by surprise
Find yourself and wave a sad goodbye

The inner peace has left me now and turned the empty page
The stories told of fair days passed have turned to present rage
So who is left to sing me all the songs of old reprieve?
And who is left to tell me to Believe?

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No Quaint Conclusion - 1:05

So just when you think itís over itís only just begun
We find no quaint conclusion, but in the end we still are young
With many years to tie down all the tails (tales) weíve left undone
Before the end has come

Two thousand days behind us, a thousand tales weíve spun
We race to catch the past but find itís eastward that we run
The sunset was mistaken, the day is not yet done
We see the rising sun

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Part II

The Rising Sun - 1:45


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Images of Dreams - 3:09

A bright green field, set against a brilliant blue sky
and whitest clouds, a brown horse running along a wooden fence
The perfect red barn off in the distance, glowing fields of wheat
You and me

These are the images of dreams

Running wild through the fields, scenery blurring
The wind blows through your hair, I stare
Try to hold this reality
The sunshine rays through the dew on the grass blades inspire me
Come with me, help me chase these images of dreams

But, no, my dream is waking as I face another day
The earth below is darkened by the mist
Climbing to my feet, another day just as before
And living gives no reason to exist

As Iím haunted by the images of dreams

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Overshadow Me - 3:17

Will you be my comfort in the end?
Will you be my blanket, my old friend?
Will you be my center, will you be my shelter from the storm?
Will you be the captain of this vessel?
Will you be the one to save my soul?
Will you run the rudder, lift the sails until my time to take control?
And the present angels are calling Ė ďNo more promisesĒ

Will you be the tempo to this time?
Will you be the character that leads in this cartoon?
Will you be my shadow, lead in front of me when the sun is at my back?
Will you turn the lights off when Iím gone?
Will you take the blame for all my scorn?
Will you take my temper and still say that you will love me Ďtil the end
...my friend?

And the present angels are calling (no more promises in vain)
No more following this dream (you wonít overshadow me)
In the end your demons are calling (lead the blinded world to find)
This will overshadow me (this wonít overshadow me)

Too much putting off and putting on
Too much guidance, too much leading wrong
So much for the future, so much for the future of this dream
Will you try to see what youíve become?
Will you see the distance left to run?
Will you be the future, will you be the one?
And the present angels are calling Ė ďNo more promisesĒ

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Focus - 2:20

I stare at the mirror, my eyes open wide, mesmerized as the green and the
black focus clearly  The sentience held here up front in my gaze now a
window to some strangerís mind  The soul becomes lost in the logic and
focus the heart beating deeply blood coursing through veins  How simple
it seems, yet without comprehension Iím staring indefinitely  Now dream
becomes waking and waking means dying and living means lying and landing
means flying and everything meshes the intricate weave yet the fabric is
frayed at the seams  And still I look on gazing deeper and darker and
clearer and starker in search for a marker  Iím lost in myself, or
whoeverís before me, and trying to see what it means  ďWill somebody help
me?Ē I say to myself in a voice careful not to be heard and realize fully,
futility in bloom, of ever my voicing concern Iím not ready for this, Iím
too smart and too stupid, Iím straining just feeding this life  Why now am
I burdened with thoughts of the future and searching for meaning inside?
My thoughts are too small, yet too many and fast I cannot pin them down,
I cannot let them pass as I struggle for reason or ignorant bliss
I can feel the cords ripping away

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Leaf - 5:53

A trembling little yellow leaf
Holds on tenaciously with all of its energy
Trying to keep itself rooted down
A river flowing underneath now
Waiting patiently now
Ever slowly flowing down

Far away now, far away now, far away...from here

An aging little yellow leaf
Lets go of its grasp in the gentle breeze
Swaying gently, floating down
Falls to the waterís surface
Caught by the rolling river
Ever slowly flowing down

Far away now, far away now, far away...from here

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Fly - 1:29

And far, far away the little leaf can travel
Riding on the current of the river
As it flows beneath my feet I can draw my own analogy
Riding on the waves of my belief
I can fly over all the boundaries within me
I can fly high above the stormy sea

And yet the birds sing to me, maybe singing out of cheerfulness
But if singing out of sadness all the same
ĎCause still I hear a hopeful tone, and a tiny ray of sunlight
Falls upon me where I write as if to say
I can fly over all the boundaries within me
I can fly high above the stormy sea

Vision cleared as Iím standing
From my rest at the river
How my life mirrors nature
Find the answers flowing down

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Finale - 6:44

Life continues on its frantic flight at the speed of light
The engine never stopping for the weary
Light is deeper than the darkness in the black divide
Falls into the shadows for a clearing
Destination gone, origin forgotten
The path ahead defined by whatís ahead
Dreams are lost in waking, the takers arenít taking
Itís hard to tell the sinners from the saved

Are we all slaves?  Are we all slaves?
If you watch us from above youíll see no difference
Are we insane?  Are we insane?
If youíll listen from my ears you just might hear

Close the office door, take the elevator down to the first floor
Get in the car and drive away, feed the machine to open the gate Ė wait...
To make the turn and go acquire more fuel to burn
Arrive at home from a twenty-minute drive and say ďIím glad to be aliveĒ
Eat some frozen peas and pet the cat and check for fleas
Flip on T.V. and start to dream about the future

One more cup of coffee and Iíll make it through the evening
And Iíll lie awake, believing in my dreams
Oh it seems Iím washed away by the flood that Iíve created
Iíve stated everything, and Iíve done nothing
Well ninety percent of a race well-run still leaves the runner standing
Panting while the winner passes by
And ninety percent of a dream complete still leaves the dreamer waking
Wondering for the ending through the day

No more dreams in waking, I canít take this anymore!
Swallowed by the world I raise my fist
And climbing to my feet Iím looking higher than before
Strain my eyes to see what I have missed
Believe...this time I will Believe...

But will believing give a brand new start?
Will this panacea cure the aching in my heart?
Will the cease of fearing the fear itself destroy the cause of fear?

Tired of this trial on my soul
Tired of the tyrant trying to take control
Leaving me no choices but to leave the past and leave myself behind
Itís time

And the present angels are calling (no more promises in vain)
No more waking from this dream (feed the restless energy)
In the end your demons are falling (leave the blinded world behind)
All I have to do is Believe Ė this time I will Believe...

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Special thanks to Christopher Frick for the transcript.